SnareBuzz Studios  
“Come Hear What the Buzz is About"

SnareBuzz Studios is my home based-studio which offers professional results typically only found in major studios around the world.   My studio's primary focus is on recording Christian music and music with strong positive messages…I’m interested in helping create beautiful recordings of fantastic music that can be shared around the world and provide inspiration to those that hear it!   Our most recent artist (Dana Catherine) whose debut album Glorious Horizons was produced, mixed, and recorded at SnareBuzz Studios, was signed to a record-deal and one of the tracks off of the project we’re currently working on was featured in Recording Magazine’s Spotlight….these kinds of results aren’t typically found in home-based recording environments, but you can expect those results here!   If you’d like to learn more about my studio or the projects we’re working on, click on the picture of our studio’s front page (right).

Drum Recordings at SnareBuzz Studios

In addition to live drumming, I love spending time in the studio where I focus on delivering top-notch recordings and drum tracks for artists around the globe. The studio houses top notch drums from Brady, A&F Drum Company, & Dunnett and cymbals from Bosphorus & Zildjian  We also have a terrific selection of microphones and both tube-based and solid-state preamplifiers to capture every nuance of the tone. I have included some examples of before/after addition of studio drums for some of the projects I’ve worked on here, so you can check out the quality of the drum tracks and the difference these tracks make to the overall vibe of the recording. 

Capable (Dana Catherine)- Before Drums

Capable (Dana Catherine)- After SnareBuzz Studios Drums

Hard to Believe (Ryan Kimrey) - Before Drums

Hard to Believe (Ryan Kimrey) - After SnareBuzz Studios Drums

Hide the Pain (Michael Vaughn) - Before Drums

Hide the Pain (Michael Vaughn) - After SnareBuzz Studios Drums