The Help -Live from Ham Jam 2008

A Swampy Groove...

Sugar Daddy isn’t one of  my favorite songs lyrically, but the music and the rhythm drew me in quickly.   Within a few bars of hearing this song for the first time, I found  a Swampy groove that just felt great to play and moved the music along.   I love this with a dirty snare sound…very “New Orleans”!  Hope you enjoy!

Monika Jaymes - Live from Ham 2009

My Take on Mick Fleetwood...

Mick Fleetwood, the powerful drummer behind Fleetwood Mac is one of those drummers who I grew up listening too and from the time I first sat behind a kit, was one of the drummers I started to learn from and emulate.   The Monika Jaymes band is one of the most talented groups I’ve had the pleasure of making music with and we not only created new music, but dug into some covers.   Here’s our take on a Fleetwood Mac classic!

Ryan Kimrey Trio - Live 2012

Hard to Believe - A Deep Groove

I love a deep groove and this track by the Ryan Kimrey Trio really allowed me to lay in and establish a deep pocket and groove for a song…driving it along with relatively straight forward fills, but never straying too far away from the foundation.   I really like the placement of cymbal hits not just on the 1st beat, but other places as well.   Check this one out!